Which Type of Facebook Page is Right for Your Business?

Facebook “Profiles” are for individual and noncommercial purposes. But when it comes to businesses, establishing a presence on Facebook is best represented by a “Page.” The main reason to start a “Page,” rather than a “Profile,” is because Pages have built in tracking tools. Business Pages can track their engagement, run FacebookAds, promote posts and have access to Facebook Insights. On a Page, “friends” are converted to “followers” and anyone can access your page without having to “like” or “follow” you. Therefore, your messages are available to be seen by more people. There also isn’t a limit to the amount of people who can follow a page (a personal profile caps friend requests at 5,000).

There are six different categories for Facebook pages. Choosing the right page will make starting your social media marketing campaign a little easier. The good thing is if you’ve selected the wrong page category for your business, Facebook allows users to change the type of page at any time. Users representing their business through a personal profile may also convert their profile into a business page with a few easy steps.

Here’s some information on selecting the correct page type for your business. For help setting up your new page, you can visit Facebook’s help center.

Use a Local Business or Place Page if:

•Your business has a physical location that you want to increase foot traffic to
•You want people to have the option to “check in” on Facebook at your business to let others know that they have been there (this is valuable because it’s a free promotion!)
•Your followers can benefit from valuable information such as hours of operation and parking

Use a Company, Organization or Institution Page if:

•Your company has multiple locations (such as a franchise) and foot traffic is not your main goal
•Your business operates as an online store where your products are available exclusively through your own website

Use a Brand or Product Page if:

•Your products are sold through more than one retail store or website

Use an Artist, Band or Public Figure Page if:

•Your goal is to promote a professional individual

Use an Entertainment Page if:

•Your business provides entertainment such as radio stations, television networks/ TV shows, entertainment magazines/related publications, etc.

Use a Cause or Community Page if:

•Your business is classified as a not-for-profit, charity or awareness organization

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