What Type of Ad Agency is Right for You?

Advertising and marketing agencies come in more than one shape and size. For instance, some agencies are “full-service” and set up to help you through every aspect of your marketing needs. Others are specialty or “niche” firms that concentrate on a particular area of the business. Depending on your needs, you might benefit more from one rather than the other. Let’s zoom in and take a peek at which might work best for your company.


Full-Service Agencies

A full-service ad or marketing agency is geared to become your “partner,” working with you to achieve your overall goals – e.g., greater market share, enhanced brand recognition, increased sales and profits, etc. A full-service agency works with clients from the ground up, understanding your goals, devising integrated strategies to achieve these, negotiating with various media that you’ll need to utilize, executing specific traditional and digital tactics (e.g., ad campaigns, trade show materials, social media, TV spots, websites, video or motion graphics, etc.), and tracking results.

In essence, a full-service company serves as a one-stop-shop for clients. You’ll have a dedicated account executive who will be your main point person making sure that all gets done on time and on budget, and overseeing all the internal communication and negotiation that must take place between the strategists, the creative team, the production people, media firms, etc.

Specialty Firms

Niche advertising works when there is a specific need for it. For example, a company that needs complex interactive 3D medical illustrations to target the pharmaceutical industry may seek the expertise of a medical marketing agency. Or you might need an e-commerce site done in a particular programming language or platform that can interface with the Romanian government … and need a firm that’s done that before.

You may also choose to seek out firms that ONLY do websites … or ONLY do logo design … or trade show support, video, newspaper ads, etc. This is a fine option too. But keep in mind that while that company may be able to supply you with quality one-off projects, the overall impact may lack cohesiveness and not match up with other efforts across your marketing efforts.

Another way to look at this is comparing your marketing efforts to building a house. You can certainly choose to be your own general contractor – and you may very well have the skills to do so. Just keep in mind that it will all be “on you” to coordinate everything from the architect’s blueprints, to pouring the foundation, framing the structure, building the rooms, buying the floors, cabinets and appliances, hiring the plumbers, painters, electricians, etc. … all the way down to delivering the finished home. And tracking all schedules and costs throughout. If you have these skill sets, you’ll probably save some $$$. But, just be sure you know what you’re doing.

So, what makes sense for you?

For help determining which type of service is best for your business, contact LoBo & Petrocine for all of your advertising needs.