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If an experiential marketing event happens and social media doesn’t pick it up, does it really even happen? Experiential marketing (viral marketing) is when a brand creates an event that gives their audience a memorable experience that they can touch and feel…but unless it’s also seen and shared online, the brand impact will be minimal (though not on the wallet…building an event can cost a brand hundreds of thousands). That’s why event marketing agencies and brands are continually coming up with new ways to provide fun, entertaining and exciting experiences that lead to meaningful digital content so that the experience will live beyond the street and onto screens everywhere. Viral marketing events also lend to meaningful digital content that can reach an even larger audience via social media.

3 Brands that Made Viral Marketing Work:

Bluth’s Frozen Banana Stand

Back in 2013, Arrested Development, a sitcom with a cult following used experiential marketing to promote the fourth season that would exclusively air on Netflix. The marketing team developed an exact replica of the banana stand that is the center of many jokes from the show and used social media to let die-hard fans know where they could visit the stand and enjoy a delicious frozen banana for as low as $1. They say, “there’s always money in the banana stand,” and they were right.

Telekinetic Surprise in a Coffee Shop

This is one of those experiences these caffeine-deprived unsuspectings will never forget. The horror classic-remake of Carrie rigged a small coffee shop, turning it into the set of their viral marketing shoot. Little did the shop’s customers know, the stuntman and actor were controlled by hydraulics to create a real-life scene, straight out of Carrie.

181 Ads Worth Stealing in NYC

Viral marketing works for more than just the entertainment industry, take a look at what the folks over at JetBlue came up with. Their ads literally instructed the people of NYC to steal them from bus stops across the five boroughs. Those lucky enough to actually read the posters and acquiesce JetBlue’s request were entitled to win various “swag” depending on the location they swiped the ad from.

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