Trade Show Gains Your Brand Can Benefit From

Trade shows are a great opportunity to gain exposure for your brand as well as a chance to scope out your competition. They’re also a great place for networking. You never know who you’ll meet and what sort of opportunities may present themselves. However, trade shows can be costly, not just to attend, but to be a vendor as well. There are booth signage costs and table fees. So is it really worth it? We say yes, and here’s why:

Trade Show Gains

  1. Knowledge is power. At a trade show, everyone is putting their best foot forward (you and your competition). Use this opportunity to sponge up the latest trends and resources all in one spot. Having most of your competitors in one room is also a great opportunity to get a firsthand perspective on what they’re doing right (and wrong) to separate themselves from the pack
  2. Energy is contagious. Trade shows (good ones, at least) are packed with high energy that breeds creativity.
  3. Meet the press. Trade publications send their journalists and bloggers to trade shows to get the inside scoop. This is an opportunity for your brand to get into the headlines!
  4. Generate leads. Forget the bright lights, energy and swag bags for a moment and remember that you’re at a trade show to increase sales. Exchange business cards and take notes on the back to remind yourself of who you spoke to and send a follow-up email a few days later that references your discussion. Include a compliment or comment referencing something from the trade show to the prospective client for bonus points!

We’ve been designing booths and representing our clients at trade shows for over 10 years. If your brand is interested in attending a trade show in 2016, contact us today! We’ll develop a strategy and design that will produce measurable results for your brand.

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