Tips for Running a Successful Flash Sale

For ecommerce brands, a flash sale is a great way to increase and reward customer loyalty. It’s also a great way to move inventory or encourage an impulse-buy. But what exactly goes into planning a flash sale and how do you pull it off?

It seems pretty cut and dry. Create a nominal sale, send out an email blast and post the details on social media. The end, right? Wrong! There’s more to consider than just the obvious. That’s why we’ve collected these four very important tips to running a successful flash sale:

  1. Consumer Education. Make sure your customers are ready for your sale, without ever mentioning your sale. For example, if you’re planning on doing a flash sale for cross trainers, make sure your customers are already familiar with said cross trainers. Send out email blasts with new product announcements in the days leading up to the sale. Then when the flash sale starts, they’re more likely to make an impulse purchase because they’re already familiar with the product.
  2. Flash Sales Will Inevitably Sell More Product Faster Than You’d Expect. That’s the whole point of them. Make sure you’ve adequately reviewed your inventory as to not irritate customers who might arrive late to the party. They’re likely to take their frustrations to social media, which can be damaging to your brand.
  3. No Restrictions. Your sale should appeal to your entire target audience, not just a fraction of it. Don’t limit your flash sale to one specific product.
  4. Shipping Ability. The web elements of a flash sale will only take your customer experience so far. With the speed of major online retailers like Amazon and Zappos, customers won’t accept lengthy shipping waits, in fact, they’re likely to cancel their order if it isn’t shipped within 48-hours of purchase.


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