Snapchat is Taking Over the World of Social Media

Yesterday, Snapchat put out an update that might save users memory space on their phones. The new features aren’t necessarily things we haven’t seen before, but they’re aspects from different apps that are all available in one cute, little ghost.

These changes will breathe new life into the chat component of the app. Users won’t have to leave the app to use other mobile devices. For example, text messaging, iMessage, FaceTime, Skype, Whatsapp, Kik— and other apps in the same vein— are rendered redundant by this Snap update. Oh, don’t forget the stickers feature from Facebook, because Snapchat has its own version of that now, too! My personal favorite is the “Basic” avocado.

Why Marketers Should Love Snapchat

What does this mean from a marketing perspective? A lot! Now that users have fewer reasons to exchange between apps to juggle their Smartphone-use habits, marketers have more of a reason to expand their budgets to incorporate Snapchat into their social media marketing strategies. Snapchat claims that their ad features (called 3V ads) work three times better than mobile textbox ads. If that’s not enough of a pull for marketers, the new features within the app may be even more reason to connect with audiences there.

With over 100 million daily users, Snapchat was already a growing spot for marketers to reach audiences ages 13-34. This new update will increase its value exponentially, for brands and users alike… But be careful opening your Snap stories in public! Now, they’re going to play in one continuous stream, which, depending on how creative and silly your friends are, could be quite embarrassing!

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