Signs it’s Time Your Business Works with a New Ad Agency

Fostering long-term business relationships with vendors is important, especially with your advertising agency. But, like many great relationships, sometimes they must come to an end. As a business, how do you know when it’s the right time to break it off and start a new relationship with a different ad agency?

Three Signs it’s Time to Shop Around for a New Creative Agency:

1. It’s the same ol’ thing. Creative types can fall into a rut. If you’ve asked for a new look or new branding story from your agency but keep getting regurgitations of old ideas, it might be time for fresh eyes to work on your account.
2. You’re not being heard. Sometimes when you’ve worked with an agency for a long time, you might not be top priority anymore. Calls and meetings get postponed, ideas are voiced in retrospect; it can become frustrating when you’re no longer the hot young blonde that your agency is falling over itself to please.
3. Prices have gone up exponentially. Were you working with a smaller agency that recently tripled in size and now everything has increased in price? If your agency no longer fits into your budget, it’s time to shop around and find an agency that will work with you to optimize your budget and needs.

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