Re: The Perfect Subject Line for Your Email Blast

If you’re one of the ladies at The Skimm or part of Lena Dunham’s newest venture, Lenny Letter, you probably don’t need to read this blog. You are already creating meaningful content and subscribers are signing up in masses. Carry on, ladies! For the rest us, email marketing is still very much a thing; it’s made a comeback from the “You’ve Got Mail” days! Today, many brands are using email marketing more and more, especially to promote ecommerce sites with email blasts announcing web-exclusive promotions and sales.

The trick to successful email marketing is…well, there’s lots of tricks to earning a successful return from email marketing, but I can’t give away all of our secrets. What I can say is, the subject line is nine tenths of the battle. If you can get your subscribers to actually open the email, you’re already over the hump. The rest of the battle is arranging meaningful, interesting, original content in a well-designed format, but we’ll talk about that in another post later on.

6 Tips for crafting the perfect email blast subject line:

1. Be personal. If the subject contains the word “you,” you’re already speaking the subscriber’s language.

2. Don’t finish the sentence. For example, “How to spot the perfect…”

3. Leave out terms like, “Sale” or “Free.” Get specific with it. “20% off…” is more enticing. Consumers are wary and want to know the deal from the get-go.

4. Change it up. If your weekly marketing blasts say the same things over and over again, your subscriber list is likely to shrink along with your open and click-thru rates.

5. Leave out the gimmicks. Don’t misspell words intentionally or try to trick your subscribers into opening your daily dose; the goal is to entice them.

6. Restrictions are like a good call to action. Put a time restriction in your subject line (e.g., “From now until midnight…”) and subscribers will feel compelled to act quickly.


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