Marketing and Branding: The Difference

We’ve all heard of the term “branding.” Very often, it’s incorrectly used as a synonym for “marketing.” In fact, both are necessary components in a program to achieve sustained, profitable success in the marketplace. But they’re not the same thing. And it’s important to understand the difference and know how to utilize both.

Let’s take a closer look.

Branding is the “Pull”

Your brand is the foundation of your business. Who are you? What are you providing? Why are you doing what you do in the way that you do it? Your brand is your identity and provides the base or rationale for your relationship with your potential client or customer. If people like or relate to your values and feel good about your brand, they’ll be more receptive to future messages where you make a request of them – like asking them to check out your product, attend an event, or (ultimately) buy something. And, that’s where marketing comes in.

Marketing is the “Push”

Some might say that marketing is primarily “tactical.” The truth is, haphazard marketing without a sound strategy is ineffective. Productive marketing begins with a plan and is executed over various platforms to ensure measurable success. Whether it’s via video, print, the web, broadcast, etc., it’s all about delivering messages that offer consumers a compelling solution to a particular problem or challenge they are having. If done effectively, your marketing message will reach an audience predisposed to being receptive to your messages because of the positive associations they have from your branding.

Of course, our explanation is very brief and over-simplified. Still, it gets the conversation started, don’t you think?

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