What Marketers Are Focusing on in 2017

Reaching audiences in a meaningful way is always changing. The obstacles are often unforeseen—especially with millennial audiences. What gets an audience engaged with a brand and ultimately become purchasers changes greatly among different demographics. However, there are some central themes that marketers will be keeping a close eye on in 2017. For the full list, continue reading.


4 Trends Marketers Won’t Stop Talking About in 2017


  1. The Customer is Always Right. Now, this isn’t new, but the focus on the customer experience is becoming a top priority. The customer experience includes everything—it’s the center of successful campaigns and it’s not going to change any time soon. The brands putting customers first are ultimately the most successful.
  2. Mass Personalization. Although not unique, consumers love personalized items (think Coca-Cola cans with names on them) and the ability to personalize (hello, monogram trends) anything and everything. In digital marketing this means using specific consumers’ names throughout the purchasing process (think email blasts addressed to individuals by name).
  3. Purposeful Content. Content is still a main focus for brands, but technological developments are offering new and engaging way users can interact with that content. In 2017, there will be more video than ever with an extra focus on virtual and augmented reality.
  4. Data Motives. Analytics and data crunching are more important than ever. A campaign’s success can’t be argued when it comes down to the numbers. Marketers will be data-driven in 2017 with real-time results.


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