LoBo’s Creative Director Goes Analytical on Political Campaigns

Political campaigns are conducted in a similar way to any advertising campaign. A brand is established and messaging is developed, intended to land with the brand’s target audience. But when it comes to politics, the brand isn’t a product but a human being…a human being who may, just in fact, become the most powerful man or woman on the planet. In this case, it’s kind of scary to think that something seemingly as simple as a logo and slogan can not only influence people…it can actually change the world.

Political Brand Blunders

In an article on The Huffington Post, “Hillary Clinton’s Branding Dilemma,” authored by our Creative Director, Bill Blaney, he discusses the branding pitfalls that might be detrimental to the Clinton camp. Blaney highlights the strong messaging associated with some of the other candidates’ platforms, and how HRC’s messaging is falling short as a cohesive brand.

Interestingly, Blaney’s points can be applied to nearly any business. If your brand’s messaging isn’t strong, will your company be overshadowed in the marketplace? By electing a strong advertising and marketing agency, you may not change the world, but you can certainly bring winning results to your business objectives!

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