Digital Retargeting Has Major Benefits

Chances are you’ve gone to a website, looked around and considered purchasing an item. It could be anything, maybe a new pair of shoes, maybe a camera, whatever. Maybe you even put something in your shopping cart— but for some reason, you left the site and moved on to something else (after all, there are so many cute puppy and baby Vines to watch, it’s no surprise you got distracted before you completed your purchase).

Now, you’re scanning your Facebook newsfeed and you click on a link to a Reddit article where you click on another link to another site and then… What’s that there in the ad on the corner of your screen? It’s the same pair of shoes, camera, whatever-it-was you were looking at but didn’t purchase. How did the Internet Gods know that you were still considering buying them? The truth is, it’s no coincidence, but it’s set up to look that way.

These tricky little ads are “smart.” Site visitors might recognize them as some sort of strange Internet conspiracy, but they are actually an effective advertising strategy called digital retargeting. In a simple definition, digital retargeting is a cookie-based Javascript code that secretly tracks your site visitors all over the Internet. Taking out the tech-speak, it serves as a GPS tracking device on your target audience as they navigate the Web.

Here’s a brief look at some of the major benefits of digital retargeting and what it can do for your business:

Digital Retargeting Narrows the Bullseye and Lowers Your Costs

  • •Ads are only shown to potential customers who have already acknowledged interest in your product
  • •Digital retargeting converts visitors into customers, at a measurable rate
  • •According to a survey by Marin Software, 88 percent of marketers are using digital retargeting in their campaigns
  • •Allows advertisers to limit exposure to keep customers from falling into “Banner Blindness” habits (link out to what banner blindness is…)
  • •Digital retargeting puts the right ads in front of the right audience, which lowers cost-to-client
  • •Extremely relevant method of advertising
  • •Even if retargeted ads aren’t clicked on, they’re still increasing brand awareness
  • •Serve as a reminder to potential customers; “Hey, don’t forget, we’re still here!” It helps your product, service or idea stay fresh in the consumer’s head
  • •Ads get stale after a little while, digital retargeting ads should be clear, concise, bright, fresh and exchanged after a few months to keep up a strong return

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