Creating Content for a True User Experience

Creating fresh, original and interesting content across social media and on your website has many valuable benefits. For starters, since 2012, Google’s algorithm software that determines how websites rank on search engine results pages (SERPs) rates websites rich with original content above websites with fewer pages of content. The more original your content is, the better. Duplicate content also trips Google’s algorithm, pushing unoriginal sites lower on the totem pole. Below, you’ll find a few tips in creating content for a true user experience that will also boost your SEO.

Produce Original Content

“Duplicate content” is a term thrown around often, and can mean a few things. Duplicate content is when content already exists within a website, and appears on multiple pages within the site. Duplicate content can also be when content appears on one website and is then repurposed or reused on another website. Both practices can hurt your site’s search engine optimization (SEO). Basically, duplicate content puts Google to sleep. Google doesn’t want to read the same story over and over again, so when it comes to content creation, it’s better to remain original and create with multiple purposes. Your site visitors want to read fresh, original content just as much as Google does.

Write Content for Humans For, Then for Search Engines

Writing keyword-rich content is important for SEO, especially when it comes to content marketing. However, content should read naturally. Text that is too keyword-heavy has a tendency to read like it’s shoving a product or service down the consumer’s throat. It’s best to write naturally, with keywords woven through the script in a nonchalant way. Blatant, overt keyword overload is a major turnoff to site visitors.

Blog with a Purpose

Every time you post a new blog article to your site, you’re adding original content that forces Google to take a new look at your page. The more often you’re blogging, the more familiar Google will become with your website. Google’s algorithm favors sites that it has familiarity with, so the more you invite Google to look at your page, the more you will be boosting your SEO.

Guest bloggers or industry-leader authored blogs are great ways to expand content on your site as well as to get potential consumers interested in your product or service. Having these outside “industry experts” write an article for your blog can give you a little boost in the right direction. It also makes for great social posts!

Cross-Promote Your Content

Have a new landing page or blog article on your website? Promote it across various social media platforms to make sure your informative content is reaching your target audience. Posting links to new content on social media can help drive up site traffic and get more site visitors involved in your conversations.

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