Change Your Marketing Approach for a Slam Dunk with Millennials

At approximately 80 million strong, millennials stand as the largest generation in history and wield about $200 billion annual buying power. With numbers like that, this generation can make or break a business’ success. However, marketing to this unique demo has proven difficult; traditional advertising and marketing initiatives fall flat on this audience, although they have been known to respond well to email marketing.

In order to target this influential generation, you need to adjust your marketing approach. Over 85 percent of millennials own a smartphone; so digital and mobile advertising is critical. Here are some other tips that can help you advertise towards millennials and improve your ROI:

Speak to Them Through Their Channels

In order to engage with millennials, you have to be on the same playing field with them. This is the generation of mobile devices, social media, technology and the digital world. By advertising through these mediums, you will increase your chances that millennials will see your ads.

Create Engaging Content

This group of young adults has a diminishing attention span. In order to keep their focus, you must create content that will engage them. It should offer them value, and maybe even an incentive. Online contests have been found to work well. It forces them to like and share your posts. If you create something that stands out, it will be memorable and effective in the minds of the millennial generation.

Be Transparent

You want to be as straightforward and simple as possible. Millennials do not want to think deeply about your product or message. Rather than directly selling to them, you should make it seem more natural. You want them to trust and understand your brand.

Millennials are known to have very high brand loyalty once they have found a company that they like. They also allow social opinions to influence their decisions. Gearing your advertisements toward this generation will allow your company to flourish. Thinking outside of the box can take you far with the millennials.

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*This post was contributed by intern, Talia Cohen.