Changes on Instagram That Will Affect Your Brand

Instagram recently announced in an article in The New York Times that the platform is shaking up their newsfeed much as Facebook did in 2009. The implementation of a new algorithm will cause more popular posts to remain at the top of users’ feeds, rather than posts appearing in chronological order as users contribute them in live time.

The algorithm is generated by user-specific data that will show what is most important to that individual when they first open the Instagram app. On a person-to-person level, this algorithm will assume that you wouldn’t want to miss a popular post from an account you follow while you were away from the app.

The new algorithm is currently in testing with a small percentage of IG users, but will be rolling out across the entire platform over the next few weeks and months. We can’t be sure how it’ll affect brands (entirely) just yet, but our social media director, Stefanie Baum, has a few hunches for what’s to come.

LoBo & Petrocine Social Media Director’s Instagram Forecast:

Brands will see a drop in followers.

Popular brands are likely to have increased visibility, which could contribute to follower fatigue.

Brands will have to add IG into their social media budgets.

Much like ad spending on Facebook, brands will need to allocate budgets to IG to make sure their posts get views.

Don’t turn on post notifications for accounts you follow.

The algorithm will take care of this on its own. Even though many accounts are encouraging their followers to turn on notifications to make sure they never miss a post, they’re essentially just hunting for likes. Plus, all those notifications will drain your battery.

Content always matters, but now it matters more.

If you’re not posting top-notch, compelling content, kiss your likes goodbye. Content is currency on all social media platforms. What was solid gold now has to be turned into platinum.

Step your hashtag game up!

The free way to make sure your posts still get views and likes is to use relevant, popular and interesting hashtags.

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