You can “Like” a company online, or sue them. But you can’t do both.

In today’s online world, most of us are pretty quick to like every brand we come across. Why not? We, being marketers, are continually helping our clients engage with potential customers, and make life a little better for current customers. Coupons, new products, the whole 9 yards.

We also live in a world where attention spans are short and getting shorter. Does anyone actually take the time to read the fine print? Most of us don’t.
A recent article in The New York Times reveals that General Mills, the cereal company, added language to the “Terms of Agreement” to their site that informs consumers they will give up their right to sue if they follow the brand on any form of social media. This seems to be a current trend that other companies are adopting in one form or another. So be careful serial “likers.”

Do you think this is fair, or might it keep you from engaging with brands online?

To read the full New York Times article click here.