Does my Branded Content Have the Shareability Factor?

*This post was contributed by our Social Media Director, Stefanie Baum.

Brand awareness is strongly built online and that’s why content is so important. But content for content’s sake isn’t enough. You want the kind that followers want to share with their individual audiences to help spread your brand awareness. But how do you create content that holds that secret “shareability” power?

Some pieces of content will inevitably be more successful than others. There are so many factors that can affect the success of a particular piece of content. What time was it posted? Where was it posted? What was the message? What was the call to action? Was the topic relevant? What is considered good content is unique to each brand and what works and what doesn’t needs to get tested, tried and executed effectively in order to create a ROI that a client can be happy with.

When creating content, it’s important for creators to think as the intended audience thinks. What does this demographic like? Where do they sleep, eat, shop, and vacation? What about this content will provoke a reaction in this demo? But all of these factors aside, creative good content that is also shareable is the ticket to success on social platforms.

Questions to Consider When Producing Shareable Content:

What about this content would incite my followers to share it on social media?

This is where a strong Call to Action is important. What do you want the followers to do after they have digested the content? Have they been directly influenced to “SHARE” the piece or are they being enticed by a content, promotion, discount, exclusive offer, flash sale, etc.?

What about this content will provoke an emotional reaction from my followers?

Many studies suggest that social media users are more likely to share content that they have a connection with. An emotional reaction can be positive or negative—that’s not the focus here—it’s all about provoking any reaction that can influence shareability.

Will this content offer a benefit to my followers?

Benefits don’t need to come in the form of discounts and promotions. A benefit to your followers can include tips, advice, education, inspiration, etc. There’s so many ways for brands to connect with their audience by way of good content.

Does this content educate, illustrate or inspire?

For some brands, education on a product can directly influence sales. For others, a demonstration is beneficial. And for still others, a moment if inspiration will motivate followers to act. Think to yourself, how does your brand story lend itself to content that will inform, instruct or inspire?

Will followers have discovered something new when they consume this content?

Studies suggest that social media users like to discover new things on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and especially Pinterest. What about this content is new, fresh, exciting and interesting to the discoverer?

Can this content be presented as DIY?

DIY articles and videos are often more successful styles of shareable content on social media.

Will this content make a follower an expert among their peers?

This point is directly related to discovery and DIY content. Social media users like to spread valuable information that can influence their own followings to what’s the next big thing. This is how trends are created.

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