Why Your Brand Should Sell on Amazon

Ecommerce sites are a huge, costly undertaking but for online retailers it’s essential to the success of your business. Another way to boost your online sales is to host your products on a variety of existing mega-ecommerce sites like Amazon. The Amazon marketplace added 30 million users last year, bringing their total consumer base to approximately 244 million, according to GeekWire. With an audience that wide, why wouldn’t your brand sell on Amazon? Here is a look at the benefits to representing your brand on Amazon.

Sell, Sell, Sell!

The exposure your brand gains from being on Amazon isn’t just from site traffic. Amazon has phenomenal SEO, so when a potential customer does an organic search for your products through Google, your goods are likely to pop up on page one. In fact, Amazon results on Google are likely to beat out your company’s website on any major SERP.

New Customers

The odds that someone will go on Amazon.com to search for your unique store are pretty slim. But consumers are using Amazon to discover new products constantly. Just by listing your products on Amazon, you’re giving potential customers a chance to “discover” you on their own. Amazon uses special algorithms to recommend products to their frequent shoppers.

Seamless Framework

Amazon is designed for the best, most convenient consumer experience. With one-click buy and abounding Prime membership benefits, Amazon makes it easier and more advantageous to buy through them than any other ecommerce site.

Listing your products on Amazon will certainly help boost sales, but being available on Amazon alone is not enough. Although there are plenty of benefits to selling on Amazon, it does come at a price. That’s why it’s important to work with a professional marketing agency to develop and manage an ecommerce experience that’s uniquely suited for your needs.

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