Black Friday Trends of 2016

Annually, Black Friday sales are the most profitable event for retailers in the United States, which makes it an even bigger effort for marketers. Now that the Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday events are behind us, our Digital Media Director, Virginia Suhr, crunched some data to show us the most effective digital marketing trends from Black Friday in 2016. Some of the results were particularly interesting.

The ABCs of Digital Marketing Trends from Black Friday:

C is for Coupon Sites

Coupon sites like influenced consumer behavior this year more than ever. According to a study ran by ADI, an additional 16.5 percent of sales came from coupon sites. This shows that consumers are getting smart—they’re hunting for the best deals possible before converting.

E is for Email

Email marketing efforts paid off across the board this year. Studies suggest that millennials respond well to email marketing, but this year’s Black Friday results showed that email marketing was the third-highest ecommerce driver overall. According to a study, 17.8 percent of online sales were derived from a consumer’s inbox.

M is for Mobile

More than half (55 percent) of visits to ecommerce sites this Black Friday came from mobile devices and accounted for 36 percent of all sales.

S is for Search

Thanks to the Google generation, consumers are internet-savvy and know how to search for what they want. According to Virginia, search ads contributed to the highest amount of shopping traffic through Black Friday, followed by direct traffic.

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