Advertising Resolutions for the New Year

The start of a new year is traditionally a time for resolutions. For your business, it’s a good time to make some advertising resolutions for the year to come that you can actually stick to. We’re not talking about those waist-trimming resolutions so many of us make that seem to fall off the to-do list by February 15. We’re talking about real resolutions with trackable results that can improve your bottom line for 2016.

1. Become a better storyteller. It used to be a lot easier: establish a brand, create a witty tagline and boom, you’ve got advertising in the bank. But now, it’s much, much more than that. You have to create storylines that curate a positive user experience. Every aspect of your brand needs to be utilized as storytelling content across a variety of platforms to effectively reach your audience. Consider connecting with an agency that can help your story go from a brand-and-tag, to a multi-dimensional, multipurpose story.

2. Overcome ad blockers. The ever-expanding landscape of the Internet continuously creates challenging pathways for advertisers. Ad blockers are getting smarter, which means the agency you use must become smarter as well…by producing ads that add to the user experience. The best online ads are ones your audience wants to share on their own social media. If that’s not enough, these user-enhancing digital ads have to look really good on desktops and mobile phones, AND tablets, too.

3. Say no to buzzwords. When developing a strategy, many agencies fill it up with a bunch of buzzwords and talk over your head. Don’t be fooled! Challenge your agency to explain their plans without all the horrible buzz-speak. Great ideas don’t need to hide behind marketing jargon. That’s why in 2016 we’re cutting out the buzzwords and developing real strategy for our clients.

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