6 Key Things You Need to Know Before Hiring an Ad Agency

When it comes time for your company to hire an advertising agency to get your message out to the people who matter, how do you determine which one to use? These days, there are so many different firms out there with many different specializations and expertise. So, to help with your selection, consider these six points before locking in with one agency.

1.What do these agencies do? What don’t they do? Get a full list of services from the agencies you’re considering. Of course, most firms will try to be as “full-service” as they can be. So look beyond the initial list and investigate some of their most successful case studies. See where they’ve excelled and generated their best results.

2. Have realistic expectations. Many clients expect to hire an agency and have sales shoot though the roof right away. Although increasing sales is an important goal, remember that ad agencies begin with a strategy, craft a story about your company and products and put you in front of the right audience to receive your message. This process will take time, but if done well will generate the ROI you seek.

3. Does the agency understand your goals? Don’t make them guess. Communicate clearly. Be up front, be honest and most of all, be thorough about what you offer, who you target and what you need to accomplish. The agency can then create a marketing brief and proposal that you can review to determine if they truly understand your objectives and offer you a viable path to achieve them.

4. Does the agency work across multiple platforms and media? Do they have experience in most advertising formats including print, digital and social? In today’s market, it’s impossible to run a successful campaign through one channel. To be sure the agency is up to speed, check out their recent online work, including web, video and social media – all formats that are on the rise.

5. Similarly, does the agency demonstrate flexibility and adaptability? What’s considered an industry standard today can change by tomorrow. It’s critical that you choose an agency known for its thinking … one that can quickly and smoothly transition into new methodology when called for.

6. What is my budget? There are industry standards and widely accepted practices that will help to determine what your budget ought to be. (This is a juicy topic for a future blog.)An agency can even guide you in this determination. However, it’s imperative that you have at least a ballpark budget in mind prior to engaging an agency. Whatever you do, don’t mislead by giving them a false number that you didn’t fully consider. All this will do is spin their wheels and guarantee that whatever proposal you get back is dead on arrival.

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