5 Tips for Being Authentic on Social Media

The vast digital world of social media can easily overshadow anyone’s voice. The best way to make sure you’ll be heard atop your digital soapbox is to be authentic on social media. To follow are five tips to increasing your authenticity and improving your presence on social media.

  1. Use realphotos

    1. • Don’t limit your account to graphics and stock photos, use photos of real people
    2. • Not everything needs a filter and three hours in photoshop
    3. • Actual Images, this means the beautiful and the not to pretty ones, too
  2. Genuinely engage your audience

    1. •Show industry support in your posts
    2. •Be a positive source for information, layered with some entertainment
    3. •Don’t just “like” posts, leave comments (2-3 sentences)
  3. Be social with a purpose

    1. •Determine why you’re using social media
    2. •Research your target audience
    3. •Speak to your target audience— they’re who matter most
  4. Don’t just promote— provide

    1. •Set an authoritative and informative tone to your social media accounts
    2. •Share industry-relevant information in addition to your company’s self-promotion
  5. Don’t be a robot— you’re a human being after all

    1. •Don’t let the conversation be one-sided
    2. •When followers comment on your posts, reach back— not just out

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