5 Tips for Breaking Your Black Friday Record

Black Friday is one of the most— if not the most— important and profitable retail events of the year. For brick and mortars and ecommerce brands alike, it’s important to take some time to plan out your Black Friday strategy so that you can maximize on the rewards. Here are five marketing tips that will help you achieve your Black Friday goals.

1. Start Early

It seems every year that preparations for the holidays begins earlier and earlier. There are rumors floating around our office that there’s Christmas music being played on radio stations in Idaho as early as September and that a mall in the Midwest hoisted up trees and baubles as early as July. But the reality is, media buyers are suggesting that retailers roll out their Black Friday events as early as November 1.

2. Gift Guide

If your website has the functionality to design specific sections for gift guides, then all the better, but a less expensive route around this is to create blog articles that are framed as “Gift Guides.” For example, a listicle of the “20 Best Gifts Under $20” or “The Top 5 Gifts for Your BFF on Our Site.” When optimized, the articles say, “here’s something helpful and useful for you this holiday season.” This is a great form of branded content that will stand out from all of the other content that’s repeatedly screaming “Deals, deals, deals!”

3. Featured Products on Social Media and Email Marketing

Use your content to your advantage and break it into smaller digestible bits for your audience. Take one product a day from your “Gift Guide” and promote it on social media. Spend money on ads on whichever platform gives your brand the biggest return.

4. Subscriber Loyalty/ New Subscriber Incentive

In an effort to grow your subscriber lists while also rewarding existing subscribers, run promotions that offer your sale at one rate and then increase the rate for subscribers. For example, if you’re running a 20% off sitewide sale, then offer subscribers an additional 10% at checkout.

5. Free Shipping

We could call it the “Amazon Prime” effect, but ecommerce sees a lot of its bounce rates taking place at checkout. What could be to blame? Shipping costs (among other things). No one likes to pay shipping costs, so if your brand can still turn a profit with a Black Friday sale and offer free shipping, then you’ve got a much better shot at closing the deal.

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