What’s Missing From Your Email Marketing Campaign?

In order to run a successful email marketing campaign, the first important task is to correctly identify your target audience. From there, the creative strategy should fall into place. The difference between a successful and unsuccessful campaign often has less to do with your message than how you’re delivering it. Read on to learn how to improve your email marketing strategy.

5 Things Missing From Your Email Marketing Campaign:

  1. There’s no offer. I don’t mean that all your email marketing communications need to include a sale; I mean you have to offer something. Whether it’s information, opportunity or savings, make sure the key takeaway for your audience is something valuable.
  2. You’re not asking for anything. There needs to be a strong call to action to cultivate any measurable response from your email campaign. Make sure that your offer is supported by your CTA.
  3. Lack of frequency. You wouldn’t want a call from a friend just when they need something, so your audience doesn’t want an email from you just when you’re trying to sell something. Try sending a series of emails that inform and educate your consumers.
  4. You’re reaching out too much. Too much of a good thing is bad, right? Well, if you’re emailing your list too often, you’re likely to see your unsubscribe rate creep up. If you’re not running a simultaneous campaign to gain new subscribers, avoid over-blasting your audience at all cost.
  5. Lacking transparency. Offers, promotions, sales and information are great, but are you reaching out for reviews? Your audience needs an individualized, gentle reminder to review their recent purchases. This will help your brand grow a reliable online community.

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