4 Ways Small Businesses Can Use Snapchat

Snapchat is a fun and simple way for small businesses to interact with their customers. Pictures and videos allow you to make a more personal connection to your audience. Once you promote your Snapchat username on your website and other social media channels, you are ready to start snapping! Read on to learn how Snapchat can help certain brands interact with younger audiences. 

Here are 4 ways that you can use Snapchat to engage millennial audiences:

  1. Flash sales, events and promotions

If your business is having any sales promotions or events, show your followers on Snapchat! You can send them coupons through Snapchat and take pictures/videos of sales displays. If your company is holding an event, show your users what the event is like. If you give your audience a reason to care, they will be engaged and may want to come to the event. Create a geo-filter so people at the event can use it and have all their Snapchat friends see it as well.

  1. Behind the scenes

Show your audience how the company runs on a day-to-day basis. This is exclusive content that they will only be able to see on Snapchat. Sharing this kind of content often will keep the users interested and wanting more.

  1. Make it interactive

Make contests and ask for feedback. Have your audience send you pictures back with answers and anything you ask for. You can reward coupons or free items. Everyone loves something free!

  1. Work with other companies

If there are other businesses that you think could help your own company, reach out to them. Ask if they would want to be featured on your Snapchat. They can tell their customers to check out your account for promotions from both businesses.

Snapchat is becoming an increasingly popular social media platform. As a small business, it is definitely something to take advantage of. It could be a great additional way to reach your audience.

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*Intern, Talia Cohen contributed to this post