3 Ways Branded Content Can Benefit Your Brand

According to Forbes, branded content has become “two times more memorable than display ads,” and that figure is bound to enlarge rapidly in years to come. A lack of branded content can severely diminish the recall value of your company.

When you look at the effectiveness of branded content v. traditional methods of advertising and marketing, branded content wins every time with younger audiences.

Here are three ways that branded content may be beneficial to your brand:

Brand Humanization

Branded content gives major corporations the opportunity to reach potential customers in a completely different way. It humanizes brands, which helps them resonate with potential consumers differently. It’s important (especially with millennials) to make it known that you don’t sell products to just make money, you sell what you sell to enrich the lives of the people who buy it.

A joint study, recently published in AdWeek proclaimed that “brand recall is 59% higher for branded content than display and native ads” – that’s 17 percent higher than 2013 when a similar study was conducted. If it continues to grow at that rate, in 2018 native and display advertisements could be completely extinct. It’s clear that investing in branded content will pay off handsomely in the future.

Get Them Engaged

Branded content does one thing especially well, engages consumers. If it’s done correctly, people will notice and go out of their way to talk about and share it with others. It’s a simple concept, B2C writer Jomier Gregorio, stated that “simply enhancing articles with appropriate pictures” could drive views (and leads) up more than 90 percent.

Also, people want to be involved, they want their opinions and thoughts to be heard. The more companies reach out to the public, the more they begin to gain transparency, which is a good thing, especially with my generation.

Quick Facts on Branded Content:

  • 50% of millennials use their smartphones to research products while shopping (Leaders West).
  • 44% of direct mail is never opened – which shows that traditional marketing falls short with younger audiences (News Cred).
  • 60% of people are more likely to check for products when presented with content marketing (The CMA).
  • Brands that create 15+ blog posts per month average 1,200 new leads per month (HubSpot).

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*This post was contributed by our intern, Philip Aievoli