3 Easy Ways to Establish Your Company’s Social Media Presence

Social media has proven to be a powerful way for businesses to establish and maintain relationships with clients, while promoting products and services. While social media may be easy to use, however, there are many tricks to help businesses reap the greatest benefits. First and foremost, because social media never sleeps, it’s important to develop a social media strategy in order to maintain a constant presence. Here’s how to begin.

After signing up and creating (free) profiles across the major social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+, there are a few easy steps your business can take that will help take your presence on social media to the next level.

1. Sign up for a Social Media Manager site. Sites like Hootsuite and Buffer allow businesses to access all of their social media accounts from one hub. This cuts down on time spent logging in and out of various accounts, and allows for easy posting. Account managers can write, edit and schedule posts in advance. This helps your social media presence to remain constant, without having to have a computer or smartphone attached to an employee’s hand at all times. Be careful not to schedule posts too far in advance as timeliness and relevance are driving forces behind effective social media marketing.

2. Be “social,” yet remain professional. Social media is all about image, so set the right tone for your business. Regardless of your field or specialty, separating your business from competitors is essential to increasing your bottom line. Publish posts that directly interest your audience, share what other industry experts have to say and keep the conversation going. When followers reply to your tweets or leave comments and questions on a Facebook post, take the time to engage them. Responding to your audience on social media creates a bond between clients and businesses by breaking down an invisible barrier and increasing accessibility

3. Be Visual. A great tweet gets fewer shares if it isn’t accompanied by an image. Including original photos, infographics, gifs and videos in social media posts increases the shareability of the content, which ensures that your message is viewed by more users.

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