3 Benefits to Advertising on Pandora Radio

Internet radio has continued to grow tremendously over the last few years. Consumers prefer internet radio to traditional radio because they can customize what they listen to and don’t have to sit through as many commercials. For advertisers, internet radio allows you to target the specific audience that you are interested in. You know who will be listening and seeing your ads when you purchase space.

Here are 3 Benefits to Using Pandora for Your Advertisements:

A Targeted Audience

This is one of the best features about Pandora advertising. Your ads will be placed based off of the target audience information that Pandora collects. It is based on age, geographic region and lifestyle/listening habits. You can choose what audiences you would like to hear and see your messages.

Your Message Will be Heard

The advertisements on Pandora cannot be skipped. This forces consumers to listen to the ad. Pandora also plays just one advertisement per break. This avoids annoying users with long commercial breaks, which usually results in them tuning out the ads that are playing.


Advertising on Pandora is affordable for both large and small companies. It costs less than buying a spot with a local radio station. There are approximately seven display ads per hour and two and a half audio ads per hour (15 or 30 seconds each).

Pandora has an option for every user. As a brand, you have a wide variety of audiences to choose from…but it takes the guidance of a good advertising and marketing team to ensure that you target and connect with the right ones.

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*This post was contributed by intern, Talia Cohen.