13 Interesting Facts About Advertising

The advertising industry is constantly changing. Ads are placed everywhere and we’re exposed to them all the time— sometimes we might not even know it! Below are some interesting facts about advertising that you may not expect.

1.Big Pharma spends twice as much on advertising than they do on researching drugs.

2. Annually, over $500 billion is spent on advertising globally.

3. A whopping $15 billion a year is spent on ads targeting children in the U.S. (now we see why our parents tried to limit our time spent in front of the television).

4. Consumer purchases are led by women; 85 percent of women are responsible for household purchases.

5. The average senior citizen in the United States has seen an estimated two million TV commercials.

6. The most expensive (excluding The Super Bowl) 30-second TV spots in 2014 aired during Sunday Night Football ($627,300), Thursday Night Football ($483,333), The Walking Dead ($400,000), The Big Bang Theory ($344,827) and The Blacklist ($282,975).

7. Roadside billboards were popularized in 1908 when the Model T Ford was introduced. More people were on the road, thus more people were exposed to billboards.

8. In an Ikea ad released in 1994, two men were pictured shopping for furniture together. It’s widely speculated that this is the first time a gay couple appeared in an advertisement.

9. Watches are always set to 10:10 in ads because it frames the brand name on the face of the watch; it also looks like a smiley face.

10. Facebook advertisements are inexpensive and have a high return. With more than two million active advertisements on the social platform, it’s important to put out high-quality content.

11. Facebook Ads that target custom audiences lower the cost per click (approximately 14 percent) and cost per conversion (approximately 64 percent).

12. Brands with a consistent social media presence who respond to user comments in real-time receive 3.5 times the user interaction than brands that are inconsistent and non-responsive.

13. It’s important to be consistent on social media because Facebook algorithms boosts visibility for the last 50 pages a fan interacts with. The more posts on your page, the more likely you’ll always remain in your fan’s feed.

What are some of your favorite ad facts? Let us know in the comments!